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Equipment Leasing

Our company provides the equipment leasing business for extensive customers, including solid control equipment leasing and oil drilling tools leasing, and the leasing ways are divided into dry lease and wet lease. The leased products and leasing ways depend on customers’ requirements, and the customers needing to rent can feel free to contract us.

Leased products:

Solid control equipment leasing:

1)Centrifuge leasing

2)Shale shaker leasing

3)Drilling cutting dryer leasing

4)Solid control equipment leasing

5)Drilling fluid cleaner leasing

6)Sand pump leasing


Oil drilling tools leasing:

1)DC driven drilling rigs leasing

2)AC variable frequency driven drilling rigs leasing

3)Mechanical driven drilling rigs leasing

4)Trailer-mounted drilling rigs leasing

5)Workover rigs leasing

Leasing ways:

Dry lease: We only provide equipment.

Wet lease: We can provide both equipment and professional operators.

Leasing suggestions:

1. It is more affordable to purchase equipment for large project amount.

2. It is more affordable to rent equipment for small project amount.

Equipment leasing procedures:

Step 1: You give us a call to tell us your use requirements and we will send salesmen to select the type for you.

Step 2: We have a professional logistics team that can provide you with safe, convenient, fast and timely services.

Step 3: For each equipment, we provide a professional operator who can operate the equipment for you or train the constructors and issue the operation certificates to them.

When customers rent or purchase our equipment, we will arrange professional operators to train the customers and issue the operation certificates to them. We can arrange service personnel to maintain the equipment on site according to the needs of customers. Moreover, we can set up a temporary warehouse of parts and accessories for customers to guarantee the supply of accessories and realize a zero response time for services.

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